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Rare Jaco Pastorius scores

For years I’ve been a big fan and collector of Jaco Pastorius' music. It's not just his bassplaying I like, I think his composing is equally  impressive. Throughout the years I have written countless transcriptions of Jaco's compositions and basslines. Most of them are widely available on the web nowadays. One of the biggest transcription collections can be found on bassplayer Lucas Pickford's great site. You'll also find links to other transcription sites there. On this page you will not find "Portrait Of Tracy" or "Continuum", for instance. They are widely available on the web and in the different "Realbooks". Here I'd like to share my Jaco transcriptions that are rare to get, but defenitly worth checking out. This is my little tribute to the master. Comments or suggestions on these transcriptions are always welcome. Visit the official Jaco Pastorius website for more info on jaco and his music. Als visit Ingrid Pastorius wonderful website!

''Liberty City'' piano-arrangement as played by Jaco on piano at the end of the "Modern Electric Bass" instructional video. Slightly changed some voicings because Jaco could stretch his fingers more than us mortals could do.

Hear a midi file of this transcription in mp3 format:


Leadsheet of "John and Mary", featured on  the album "Word Of Mouth".

Hear a recording of this transcription of "John and Mary" as played by me (fretless bass and keys) and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen:

Here's the same recording without bass so you can print out the score above, plug in your bass and play along:


Leadsheet of "City Of Angels", featured on the never officially released album "Holiday For Pans". The mastertapes of this album were apparently stolen and it was  released at the japanese "Sound Hill" label without approvement of the Pastorius estate. Though the album is higly controversial it does contain some wonderful music.


Leadsheet of "Goodmorning Anya", also from the "Holiday For Pans" album.


Leadsheet of "Three Women". This one is featured on the album "Fenix" from spanish bassplayer Carles Benavent. Unfortunately the master himself never did a proper recording of it. It is only featured on "Live in NY volume 5". Jaco is playing a short pianoversion on that one.


Altered Jaco basslines on "4 AM". In the "New Realbook" 4 AM is featured including a basssheet wich contains JP's basslines on the first A. You can find it on Lucas Pickford's site as wel. Here are some more lines on the "A" part that are not featured in the Realbook transcription.                                                         More transcriptions >>


All scores have now been converted to PDF files for convenient file handling and printing.