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In addition to my work as a freelance bassplayer I work at my own recording studio “Het Atelier” in Weiteveen as engineer and producer. As an arranger and trancriber I’ve done several productions, including an award winning bigband arrangement for Pastorius’ “Domingo”. Furthermore I can be found teaching motivated bass students at “Info Music” Emmen and “Muzetuin“ Beilen”!


Endorser of Tecamp bass amplification.  

Frans Vollink, Dutch bassplayer, composer/arranger and studio co-owner/producer, nice to meet you! Dont you just hate those third person bio’s? I’ll try to keep it brief and personal overhere. For those of you interested in who I am and what I do, I’m happy to tell you a little bit about myself and my music. When a friend played Jaco Pastorius for me at age 16 I got hooked to the electric bass. After two years of fierce woodshedding, I started studying at several Music Academies. After graduating (teaching degree in 1996, masters degree in 1998), I had the great fortune to play with some of the finest musicians around like Lale Larson, Gary Husband, Eef Albers, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont, Randy Brecker, Gerard Presencer, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Rob van Bavel, Coen Molenaar, Nigel Hitchcock, Wayne Johnson, Guthrie Govan, Jose de Castro, Carl Verheijen, Greg Howe, Bob Mintzer, Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili and so many others.


Selected discography:

2014: Tristan - Full Power acid jazz/fusion/pop with Evelyn Kallansee a.o.

2013: On Impulse - Ten Minutes in Paris featuring jazz vocalist Deborah J. Carter & On Impulse.

2012: Richard Hallebeek Project II - “Pain in the Jazz” with Lalle larsson, Alex Machacek, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan a.o.

2012: Claude Pauly Group (Mind Matters Quartet)

2012: On Impulse - Debut CD of On Impulse (Coen Molenaar & Sebastiaan Cornelissen), special guests incl. Nigel Hitchcock

2011: Sebastiaan Cornlissen - “On Impulse” with Jim Beard, Randy brecker, Gary Husband, Evan Marian, Nigel Hitchcock.

2011: Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group, featuring Marc Guillermont & Coen Molenaar.

2010: Live DVD “On Impulse” , featuring Sebastiaan Cornelissen & Rob van Bavel.

2009: One Spirit – “Go For It”, with Sebastiaan Cornelissen; Randy Brecker; Rob van Bavel; Lale Larson; Richard Hallebeek; Martin Verdonk; Martin Gort; Steve Hunt.

2009: Sebastiaan Cornelissen – “U-turn”, feat. Tom Kennedy, Hadrien Feraud, Steve Hunt, Gerard Presencer, Gary Husband.

2006:“Dutch Basses 2006”, with Dutch bassists Pieter Douma, David de Marez Ooijens, Dave de Wit, Marc Haanstra, Jeroen Vierdag a.o.

2005: “One Spirit”, with Sebastiaan Cornelissen; Randy Brecker; Gerard Presencer; Rob van Bavel; Lale Larson; Richard Hallebeek; Susan Weinert; Martin Verdonk